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Lifeline Battery Benefits

Superior Construction-

Aircraft class cell construction; lowest internal resistance that provides high repeated cranking current.

Unmatched Life-Cycles-
When discharged to the BCI recommended 50%, Lifeline batteries provide nearly 1000 life cycles, which is significantly more than other technologies. Other flooded and gelled batteries fall between 300 to 450 life cycles at 50% discharges.

Rapid Recharge-
Lifeline Batteries facilitate a significant increase in recharge rate, with amazingly high current limitations when you properly regulate the charging voltage. Customers charge 100ah batteries with 500amp chargers routinely. 

Low Self Discharge-
Much better charge retention rate when compared to flooded and gelled technologies. Lifeline Batteries self discharge around 2% per month vs. 10% for other batteries. 

Maintenance Free-
With proper charging, Lifeline Batteries require no maintenance. Lifeline Batteries do NOT accept addition of water nor do they corrode their surroundings. 

Safety First-
During normal charging conditions there is no dangerous gassing. 

Lifeline battery construction has passed extensive military shock and vibration requirements. 

Eliminate Dangerous Gassing-
Lifeline provides safety even during severe overcharging as the batteries produce less than 2% hydrogen gas by volume (4.1% is required for flammability in air). 

Long Service Life-
Lifeline batteries currently installed in Marine and RV applications are providing a life span ranging from 5 to 8 years under routine use. Daily and intensive applications also see 3-8 years of use depending on depth of discharge. 

Solid Warranty-
Lifeline Batteries offers one of the best warranties in the industry with our 5-year pro-rated and a one-year free replacement. 

Lifeline Batteries has more than 25 years of experience developing and producing AGM batteries and are regarded as true pioneers of the technology.